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Similar to how Costume or Scenic Designers submit sketches of their designs to a team, the Lighting Script Treatment is a "sketch" of the lighting design. The Lighting Script Treatment is a document that discusses the overall lighting concepts and atmosphere within a project through a detailed breakdown of the script. Throughout the document, specific lighting moments are discussed with supporting images and text to give a detailed glimpse for how lighting will treat the scenes. The treatment is ultimately used to ignite conversation and collaboration between the director and the creative team.

Click on the image below to view the Lighting Script Treatment PDF.


Lighting concepts can be challenging to communicate to a team, so a strong tool used to convey these ideas are images within a collage. Lighting Collages are created through several images that work together to generate a graphic representation of the lighting design. This type of document is a quick way to spark conversation between the director and creative team about cohesive color, texture, and overall atmosphere for the different lighting worlds.

The Refugee Hotel LTG Collage
The Refuee Hotel Nightmare Collage

Final Lighting Packages are used to document a production's lighting design. These documents contain everything needed to fully remount the lighting design through detailed drawings, plots, hookups, cheat sheets, cue sheets, and inventory counts.

Click on the image below to view the Final Lighting Package PDF.

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