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Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor Theater

Beats on Beats 6
Beats on Beats 7
Beats on Beats 10
Beats on Beats 13
Beats on Beats 18
Beats on Beats 20

Choreographer: Robert Laos | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Stage Manager: Sarah Nearhoff | Photos: Skye Schmidt

Beats on Beats is a highly energetic and fun piece working with several different rhythmic syncopations. Hip Hop, Jazz, and African Dance are strong choreographic inspirations for the piece. The piece explores the musicality and dynamics of movement using various beats, rhythms, and sound. Lighting matched the energy of the piece by marrying itself to the strong rhythmic beats of the music. Strong and bold gestures of light paired with the dynamic and exact cuing structure were used match the rhythmic energy of the dancers. 
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