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Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor Theater

Do Not Go Gentle
Do Not Go Gentle 4
Do Not Go Gentle
Do Not Go Gentle
Do Not Go Gentle
Do Not Go Gentle 14
Do Not Go Gentle 16
Do Not Go Gentle 17

Choreographer: David McMahan | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Stage Manager: Sarah Nearhoff | Photos: Skye Schmidt

Do Not Go Gentle is a piece that explores the mental battle when dealing with terminal illness. Three sections were used to represent the mental battle: an uncontrollable external force exerted on the mind; an internal dialogue through the five stages of grief; and a resurgence of life and energy into one’s life. Lighting created the overall tone of the piece with a dark and ominous atmosphere, using predominantly cold and crisp colors. As the dance progressed, lighting introduced warm, sweeping and grand light to support the resurgence of energy brought back into the piece. 
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