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The Great River Shakespeare Festival

Dorothy B. Magnus Black Box Theater


Director: Bryan Hunt | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Scenic Designer: Emily Dotson | Costume Designers: Katelyn Barker, Derek Campbell, and Hilary Rubio | Sound Designer: Alex Brock | Stage Managers: Paty Lopez-McFatridge, Victoria Esquibell, and Rachel Baugh 

Photos: The Great River Shakespeare Festival


Coriolanus is the story of pride, power, and ruined reputation. Stark white light was used to emphasize the transparency of Coriolanus as a hollow leader. The white light played well with the shadow curtain, creating dramatic depth for the harsh battle sequences. To compliment the scenic elements of the broken and jagged structure, industrial work lights were used to emphasize the destructive, brash, apocalyptic world of the play. 

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