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University of Evansville

Shanklin Theater

Director: Diane Brewer | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Scenic Designer: Eric Renschler | Costume Designer: Ivy Karlsgodt | Sound Designer: Benjamin Phillips | Stage Manager: Mary Claire Smalley | Photos: Daniel Knight


Silent Sky is a story of perseverance, family, and the constant shifting of the universe. The story revolves around a team of female “computers” at the Harvard Observatory. The main character, Henrietta, has a deep passion for the sky and overcomes several battles within the time period and her peers to pursue that passion. Lighting created distinct differences between the interior look of the Harvard Observatory and Henrietta’s inner dialogue. Lighting drew a strong connection between Henrietta and her passion for the sky by using deep, saturate colors found often within dying stars and the Milky Way Galaxy. 

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