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Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor Theater

In Motion 0.7
In Motion 5
In Motion 1
In Motion 2
In Motion 6
In Motion 4
In Motion 7
In Motion
In Motion 8

Choreographer: Allison Eversoll Chasteen | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Stage Manager: Sarah Nearhoff | Photos: Skye Schmidt

In Motion is a piece about kineticism, force, and energy that exists within our daily lives. The piece focuses on the energy that exists from the world of technology, constantly running and dictating day-to-day movements. To support the foundation that technology is a large, moving force in our culture, lighting created a sleek, aggressive, and polished atmosphere to the piece. Various caged lightbulbs hung throughout the space to create an environment completely encased by energy. 
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