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Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor Theater

Speak, Memory 6
Speak, Memory 1
Speak, Memory 7
Speak, Memory 2
Speak, Memory 3
Speak, Memory 4
Speak, Memory 5

Choreographer: Waeli Wang | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Stage Manager: Joseph King | Photos: Skye Schmidt

Speak, Memory is a piece about the seamless connection and structure of memories. The memories feel as if the dancer is underwater and floating from moment to moment. Lighting created a flow and established an atmosphere that felt soft and peaceful for the nature of the familiar memories. Soft blues, natural cool colors, and sweeping angles with water textures created the flowing atmosphere of the piece. When new points of memory were established, lighting made sharp interjections to serve the progression of the memories. High, steep angles were used with the sharp introduction of memories. Natural warm colors broke through the natural cool colors and sweeping angles of the soothing dreams. 
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