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Tierra Intocable 0.5
Tierra Intocable 1
Tierra Intocable 8
Tierra Intocable 9
Tierra Intocable 6
Tierra Intocable 3
Tierra Intocable 2
Tierra Intocable 10

Choreographer: Andrea Ordaz | Lighting Designer: Avery Reagan | Composer: Andrew J Tarr | Stage Manager: Joseph King | Photos: Skye Schmidt

Tierra Intocable is a piece about the themes of migration and the idea that a moving identity can alter an existing space. The piece begins with a strong image of the everyday hardships that exist in the lives of most immigrants in America. Lighting established this environment with high, warm, steep sunlight beaming down on the dancers, making the space feel harsh and relentless. To support the idea that a moving identity does have the capability to alter an existing space, lighting shifted the atmosphere of the piece from the harsh and sharpened moments of struggle to a hopeful breath of peace. Cool, comforting colors replaced the warmth of the overbearing sun, and lower angles of light entered the piece to create a tone of breath and ease.